“Rick is a technology seer who has accurately seen the future so consistently for so long that he has earned the descriptor “prophet without peer” in his field. Take advantage of his facile and astute grasp of emerging trends and events! Technology this Week permits you to look into the future and understand the complex, hypersonic speed of new developments through the well-informed and keen mind of Rick Richardson. Subscribe today and be better equipped to meet your future.”

James R. Kurtz, former Executive Director of the California Society of CPAs

"The CPA profession and technology are rapidly changing worlds. Rick Richardson’s newsletter, Technology This Week, provides an easy to read digest of the technology that CPAs need to know to better serve their clients. I rely on Rick to tell me in a timely and informative manner what’s new in technology and how it will impact my business and personal life."

Russell Flagg, President, Flagg Management, New York

“Reading this newsletter is like getting a weekly technology checkup. It's quick to read and you'll almost always learn at least three things you didn't know last week. No matter what your job is, you must remain agile with the use of technology. So it's critical to keep yourself in the know about the tools, the companies who make them, and how everything fits together to impact your life and your business in the coming months and years.”

Doug Sleeter, Founder, The Sleeter Group - California

“I look forward to receiving my weekly edition of Technology This Week.  It is well written and I learn something months ahead of  my friends that are reading other publications.”


Don Waters, CPA - Colorado

Technology This Week provides concise thumbnails of an array of developing technologies. It’s a great fit for those who want to keep current but simply don’t have the time to read myriad publications. It’s all here in a single source.”


Jim Giampiccolo, Retired President, Jolo Industries and Professional Amateur Technologist - California

“Rick Richardson’s timely, comprehensive, and uncannily predictive weekly newsletter, is my first source for today’s and tomorrow’s high tech financial insights. From Windows 10 to the Tesla, from the Apple Watch to Amazon’s Cloud, you get it, understand it, and can bank on it in just 5 quick-read pages a week. In short, Rick Rocks!”

Bill Cafarelli, Independent Video Producer – Connecticut

“Rick provides the ‘Cliff notes’ of today's choices in personal and professional technologies. Ever the straight-shooter, Rick can be relied upon to synthesize and encapsulate what's good to buy, as well as what's good to avoid buying. Fun to read, easy to understand, I love this newsletter! “

Dianne Taylor, Retired Director, Knowledge Management Systems, Ernst & Young – Florida

“Sorting through technology related “noise" is increasingly challenging and time consuming in this day and age. Technology This Week has become a trusted source of relevant knowledge that manages to “layer” consumer, enterprise & social information into an extremely meaningful weekly publication.

It perfectly delivers the “high calorie - quick read” needed by todays professional whether in the board room or clubroom. As a former Sales executive I continue to be very impressed with this publication.”

Lewis Ludlow, Director of Opportunity – Connecticut

“As an academic and a researcher, I am constantly looking for new technology to help in my writing and collaboration with other researchers. I viewTechnology This Week as a very useful tool in keeping me abreast of the latest news in product information. In general, the information presented is not only useful, but interesting and always clear and reader-friendly, with an attractive lay-out and visuals to help those of us who are not techies. And that's the nicest part -- you don't have to be a techie to get a lot of of this newsletter!”

Dr. Elaine C. Klein, Professor Emerita of Linguistics, The City University of New York

“How much is it worth to stay current on new and emerging technology? My answer is that it can be worth a fortune. And, when you couple the ability to stay up-to-date with an easy to read, one stop shop source, that value becomes priceless. Where can you find this invaluable resource? My answer is Rick Richardson and his Technology This Week newsletter.”

Michael Harnish, retired CTO/CIO/COO and current member of multiple Boards of Directors

“My awareness of Technology This Week came out of a conversation I had with a friend who seemed to be up on the latest high technology products and trends.  As a leader in High Tech it is essential to keep up with the daily changes happening in the industry.  Technology This Week does a nice job summarizing the news of the week and sharing an informed perspective on the potential implications.”

Stephen Nigro, Sr. Vice President, Hewlett-Packard (Imaging & Printing)

“First-hand knowledge by an alert expert in the computer industry has produced Technology This Week, an easy to understand recap of the week’s technology news. It uses plain English and doesn’t send the reader to look up lots of technical terms. The rapid changing computer world needs a publication like this to keep the rest of the business world informed.”

Mel Furney, Former Broadcast & Stage Producer/Director

“In this fast paced environment, Rick Richardson knows the inside world of today’s technology. If he doesn’t tell me about it in Technology this Week, it’s not worth knowing!

Dan Taylor - New York City Radio Personality and voice-over artist


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