World’s Smallest Thermal Camera


It's not always better to go bigger, especially when it comes to technology. The InfiRay P2 Pro thermal camera then comes into play. It promises to be the tiniest thermal camera in the world and connects directly to your smartphone's tiny USB port.

It is incredibly tiny, weighing only 9g, and about a quarter's diameter at just over an inch. So it's cool. Why do you need a thermal camera on your smartphone?

Because it uses the phone to display its photographs. One important use case is HVAC engineers and electricians who frequently require access to a thermal camera for their work.

The size of this camera doesn’t prevent it from packing a punch, however. Many thermal cameras suffer from a stutter image. However, because the P2 Pro runs at 25Hz, it can record both motion and still images. At 256 x 192 pixels, the resolution is also higher than most other thermal cameras. Compared to what photographers are often used to, this seems laughably low, but for a thermal camera, that is very good.

The P2 Pro also boasts a magnetic macro lens, which is an intriguing feature. This handy flat addition simply clips onto the device's front. It's rather ingenious and foolproof. The camera is available both with and without this lens.

The camera's temperature range, which is sufficient for most needs, is -20ºC to 550ºC (-4ºF to 1044ºF). The camera is available for $249 or $299 with a macro lens.


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