Samsung Reveals Bixby – a New AI Assistant to Take on Apple’s Siri

Confirming rumors, Samsung last week revealed the existence of "Bixby," a new AI assistant that debuted with the Galaxy S8 and will challenge Apple's Siri with some new technologies.

Bixby, for instance, can handle many tasks that otherwise use touch or button input, Samsung said. Siri —and other AIs, like Google Assistant – typically only support a small selection of voice commands. Through contextual awareness, Bixby users should even be able to mix touch and voice input.

Bixby will also offer what Samsung describes as "cognitive tolerance," allowing it to recognize commands with incomplete information. As needed, it will prompt for more details.

In iOS 10 and macOS Sierra, Siri still requires that people use specific, fully-formed voice commands, which also don't adapt to what's onscreen. Google Assistant is more flexible, but doesn't support a mix of touch and voice.

The S8 has a dedicated Bixby button letting people trigger the assistant at any time, Samsung noted. Just a handful of pre-installed apps will support the platform at first however, and the company will only "eventually" release an SDK for third-party developers.

First-party support should gradually extend to other Samsung hardware, including not just phones but devices like TVs and air conditioners. 

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