New Portable Battery Can Provide Your Home’s Power for a Week



In a power outage, having one of the best portable power stations around will come in real handy. They tend to be expensive, but the peace of mind is worth it because during emergencies you can keep your most important gear running—whether that’s your appliances, a television or radio for news updates, or lights. They’re also the perfect energy source while you’re camping or exploring the great outdoors. You may think you already have all the best camping gear, or best road trip gear, but if you don’t have a power source packed away, you’re not fully equipped.

There is a new portable power station on the block—or, at least, there will be soon. The EcoFlow DELTA Pro is a portable home battery and power station designed to keep an entire home powered for up to a week for emergency use. It puts out enough power to support appliances and electronics. It easily connects with Smart Extra Batteries, Solar Panels, Solar Trackers, Smart Generators, and a Smart Home Panel to extend functionality. You have an opportunity to get a steep discount on the portable battery, thanks to the Kickstarter campaign. It will retail for $3,599, but you can grab it for $600 off, which is $2,999.

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro portable home battery is a dual-purpose energy-delivery device. It’s a home battery, storing energy that’s generated through various means, but it’s also a portable power station to provide power to your home, RV, small living space, or whatever you need. You could set up lights all over your campsite and connect them to this beast. A single unit has a base capacity of 3.6kWh of energy, but can be expanded to 25kWh with the additions of Smart Extra Batteries, Smart Generators, and a Smart Home Panel—enough to power an entire family’s needs for emergency use for up to a week. It can sustain air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, electronics, and much more. You can pair or sync up multiple units to increase the energy capacity if you need it.

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