New Kit Can Be a Great Stocking Stuffer



There is a device from a small company named Edge that could be that standout stocking stuffer for that special someone who works from home or a deserving college student. The EDGE® Kit attaches to the back of any device with a suction cup. A variety of devices can then be attached to the swing-out arm: a light for online conferencing, a smartphone to add a second screen to the work mix or a wireless Qi charger for the side of your desktop’s monitor.

Attach a Phone. Most users will attach the EDGE® Kit to their display monitor. It's attached with a suction cup on one side of its bending arm. Watch that podcast or a movie from the side of your monitor, or put the Kit on top of the screen and use your phone as a camera for video conferencing.

Wireless Charging. The EDGE® Kit includes a wireless Qi charging coil that’s compatible with iPhone MagSafe devices (iPhone 8 and above) or any Android device that supports wireless charging. You can also kill two birds at once by putting the phone on the charger and then watching that movie or podcast!


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