Indeed Names Highest-Paying In-Demand Tech Skill for 2024

According to a January 2024 Deloitte study of 100 business executives, nearly half, or 45%, of high level executives indicate they are aggressively upskilling and training their workforces in artificial intelligence. Approximately the same percentage, 44%, state they are hiring for it right now.

Therefore, it should not be shocking that generative AI ranks first among the highest paid IT skills. This is supported by a recent study from the job search firm Indeed, which determined the computer abilities that have the largest impact on pay. According to Indeed, the salary of a job was 47% higher when generative AI was listed as a required talent.

“We are seeing a continued interest in AI-related jobs and skills,” says Maggie Hulce, executive vice president and general manager at the job seeker division at the company. “Searches for generative AI jobs on Indeed have surged nearly 4,000% in the last year, and job postings for generative AI roles have seen a remarkable 306% increase since September 2022.”

Here are some specific job requirements from employers, along with tips on how to develop certain generative AI abilities yourself.

Some hiring managers are searching for professionals that can assist them in developing AI technologies for their company.

According to Indeed, job titles that require this kind of expertise include software engineer and machine learning engineer. A job involving generative AI has an average potential compensation of $174,727.

If you’re keen to either improve your generative AI skills or are even starting from scratch, there are many ways to go about it.

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