ISPs Can No Longer Charge You for Using Your Own Router

Many Americans are very frustrated that they have to pay a mandatory router rental charge every month as part of their ISP bill. It gets added even if you purchase and use your own router in many cases. But as of Dec. 20, the practice is now illegal, and you can demand your ISP stop the charge.

As The Verge reports, your ISP can still charge for a router sent to a customer, but that customer should be able to return the router, have the fee canceled, and supply their own router instead. The charge is typically $10 a month, so the cost of buying a router is soon recouped. A good budget router can cost less than $50, meaning you'll start seeing the benefit of money saved in less than six months.

Don't expect ISPs to take the initiative here and cancel the fee automatically. If you are already using your own equipment, contact your ISP and demand that the fee is stopped. Send them a link to the bill if they protest. Alternatively, if you are using the equipment supplied by your ISP, do some research, see if there's a good alternative available and check the process for returning the ISP-provided equipment before attempting to cancel the fee. You want to avoid any internet down

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