Google’s New Private Space Feature

During its Google I/O 2024 developer conference last week, Google unveiled Private Space, a new Android feature that allows users to segregate a part of the operating system for sensitive data. It partitions specific apps into a “container,” much like the mobile operating system’s Incognito mode.

The launcher makes the space available, and it can be secured as an additional degree of authentication. Notifications, settings, and recents will not display for apps that are in Private Space. If the private space is unlocked, users can continue to use the apps using the system sharesheet and photo picker in the main area.

During an Android 15 developer-only glimpse of the second beta, the feature was revealed. The company advises app developers to test the offering currently, but it does so with a warning: “There is a known issue with private space in Beta 2 that affects home screen apps.”

According to Google, the bug should be fixed in the next few days. The functionality itself is expected to be available when Android 15 is released, which is expected to happen in late summer or early fall.

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