Encrypted USB Flash Drive You Can Unlock with Your Mobile Device

There are a lot of encrypted USB flash drives out there. You plug them in, and either there's an on-screen popup that asks for your passcode, or some sort of physical keypad that is used to gain access.

But what about transferring the unlocking mechanism to a mobile device – such as a smartphone or your Apple Watch?

This is precisely what the iStorage datAshur BT hardware-encrypted USB flash drive does.

Visually, the iStorage datAshur BT looks like any other USB flash drive. It has a tough epoxy-like exterior that gives the drive a water- and dust-resistant rating of IP57 (protected against damage from dust ingress, and water resistant to 1 meter).

The datAshur BT comes in capacities from 16GB to 128GB.

Data on the datAshur BT is fully encrypted using AES-XTS 256-bit hardware encryption, which is FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliant design and technology. Brute force is defended against by a built-in data wipe if there are too many wrong attempts made.

Everything is protected by a 7-15-character password or a biometric unlock such as Face ID/Facial recognition, Touch ID/Fingerprint, or IRIS scanning from a smartphone or tablet. The drive communicates using Bluetooth to any smartphone/tablet (iOS/Android) or Apple Watch. The Bluetooth channel is secured by a FIPS validated encryption layer and is only used for connection purposes. There is also support for 2FA using SMS.

The drive itself is completely host independent, so it will work with Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, and so on, VDIs such as Citrix and VMWare, and also with embedded systems such as medical devices, TVs, drones, printers, scanners, or pretty much anything with a USB port.

Prices for the iStorage datAshur BT range from $103 to $181, depending on the capacity.

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