This Tiny Device Can Record Everything You Say and Transcribe It for You 

Senstone may be one of the world's smallest wearables — and perhaps one of the most useful. 

The tiny device has one function: to help you keep track of your ideas, to-do lists, and notes while you're on the go. 

 Senstone records voice memos, uploads them to an app, and transcribes them for you. The device is on Kickstarter with the goal of raising $50,000.

Here's how it works. Senstone records voice notes that are then uploaded to an app on your iPhone. The device connects via Bluetooth. To record a note, you push a button on the side of the device. To stop recording, you press it again.

The device is designed to help "capture the things in your daily life that you don’t want to miss" — things like goals, ideas, or notes. Rather than taking out your phone and typing out a note, Senstone wants to be like a low-effort journal. 

With different interchangeable backs, you can clip it to your collar, wear it as a necklace or even wear it as a wristband.

The device can record for up to one minute at a time — for now. Eventually, Senstone will be able to record for up to four hours offline, and longer when it's paired with your phone. 

You can charge Senstone by sitting it in this charging dock, which connects to any USB port. Early testers have used the device for up to a week without charging the unit. 

Finally, Senstone's technology can automatically transcribe your notes for you, saving both a written version and the original recording and labeling them by the date, time, and location at which you recorded. It supports dictation in 11 languages including Mandarin and Ukrainian.

And by saying "hashtag" and then a word before you stop recording your note, Senstone will identify that as a category tag. If you press the hashtag button at the top of the app, it will take you to all of your notes from your hashtagged categories. 

Early backers of Senstone's Kickstarter campaign can get the aluminum or plated brass versions of Senstone by pledging $80.

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