With all of the news sources available today, it's next to impossible to keep up with what's new in the world of technology. Technology This Week  is a 20 minute read designed for an average reader rather than the technologist. 

We try to cover both conceptual issues like cloud computing as well as specific products and services such as Microsoft Band and Apple Pay. And, your subscription entitles you to access all of our prior issues with an easy-to-use search.
“Rick is a technology seer who has accurately seen the future so consistently for so long that he has earned the descriptor “prophet without peer” in his field. Take advantage of his facile and astute grasp of emerging trends and events! Technology this Week permits you to look into the future and understand the complex, hypersonic speed of new developments through the well-informed and keen mind of Rick Richardson. Subscribe today and be better equipped to meet your future.”
The CPA profession and technology are rapidly changing worlds. Rick Richardson’s newsletter, Technology This Week, provides an easy to read digest of the technology that CPAs need to know to better serve their clients. I rely on Rick to tell me in a timely and informative manner what’s new in technology and how it will impact my business and personal life. 

“Reading this newsletter is like getting a weekly technology checkup. It's quick to read and you'll almost always learn at least three things you didn't know last week. No matter what your job is, you must remain agile with the use of technology. So it's critical to keep yourself in the know about the tools, the companies who make them, and how everything fits together to impact your life and your business in the coming months and years.”

“Rick provides the ‘Cliff notes’ of today's choices in personal and professional technologies. Ever the straight-shooter, Rick can be relied upon to synthesize and encapsulate what's good to buy, as well as what's good to avoid buying. Fun to read, easy to understand, I love this newsletter! “
“In this fast paced environment, Rick Richardson knows the inside world of today’s technology. If he doesn’t tell me about it in Technology this Week, it’s not worth knowing!

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